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Game Update Patch Notes- June 18, 2017

Time : 2017-06-17 01:57

Dear ninjas,

We will be performing an game update for all servers, please enjoy!

Update Duration: 15:00 June 18, 2017- 16:00 June 18, 2017

Server: All servers

Update Method: Flash Shutdown Update


I. New Function: Dungeon

1. This function unlocks when players reach 1st RI.

2. Challenge to receive a fixed amount of Silver and Awakened Abilities if you are lucky enough.

3. There are a total of 100 floors. Clear each floor for the first time to receive a First Clearance Reward.

4. There is an ultimate boss every 10 floors. Defeat the ultimate boss to occupy or challenge the training ground based on your level.

5. Different training ground levels provide different rewards. The higher the level, the better the rewards.

6. Plunder other players' practice platform to obtain 20% of the player's Awakened S. Abilities.

7. S. Ability Scrolls can be used to upgrade and reform Awakened S. Abilities.

II. Function Extension: S.Ability Scroll

1. Earth, Heaven and Hallow scrolls have been added to S.Ability Scrolls.

2. S.Abilities and Awakened S.Abilities are required to activate the three new scrolls.

3. Players can modify and upgrade new character skills by consuming S.Abilities and Awakened S.Abilities for better effects.

Joyfun Operating Team

June 17, 2017