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Server Maintenance,Performs June 9

Time : 2015-06-09 03:06

Dear Players,

We will be performing a maintenance on all of live servers of SD Gundam on June 9, from 02:00 to 04:00

EST Time.And the maintenance will come with these updates and new contents:


--Update the rewards of the Accumulative Top up event(In the Evolution Chamber,two MSZ-006 can evolve to one ZZ Gundam);
--Update the rewards for Single Top up event;                
--Update Monthly Event :There are the chances to get Orange Gem Chest from Instance and Capsule;      
--Update "Happy 2015"Event,Gold Capsule will turn out Zodiac Chest on 100% chance, including Letter Capsule id=1866 or Digital Capsule id=1867


S Gumdan: Zaku Ⅱ,ID=91(Cost 300 Gold Coupon+Rebuild Potion*3)
SS Pilot:Colonel Char Kamille Bidan,ID=78(Cost 800 Gold Coupon+Transform Card*4)
Gold Coupon: Gold Coupon*80(costs 15 sets of HAPPY 2015+Transform Card*3)
Transform Card Giftpack: Transform Card*8(costs 10 sets of HAPPY 2015+6 Pieces of Turntable Tickets)  

-- Corps Tournament Rewards
SS Gundam Giftpack: 1 SS Gundam Giftpack(Costs 20 pieces of Champion medal);
SS Pilot Giftpack: 1 SS Pilot Giftpack(Costs 20 pieces of Victory medal);
Champion Medal Giftpack: 22 pieces of Champion medal(costs 1 Champion medal+6 pieces of turntable ticket+16 rebuild potions)
Victory Medal Giftpack:22 pieces of Victory medal(costs 1  Victory medal+6 pieces of turntable ticket+16 rebuild potions)
Champion Giftpack: Gold*120,Silver*2,000,000,Rebuild Potion*4(costs 2 pieces of Champion medal+2 digit capsule)
Victory Giftpack:Gold*60,Silver*1,000,000,Rebuild Potion*2(costs 2 pieces of Victory medal+2 letter capsule)

--Replace the inactive Corps commanders

-- From May 26 until next server maintanance, Capsule makes a disaccount of 50% on Gold Twist in all servers.
--On Sales
Gold Coupon 50% off (i.e. 200 Gold---100 Gold),and the price will be back to the original after the event is over.                     

--Gold Goupon
During the event period, challenge the Hero instances after Proceed without Hesitation and have the chance to get Gold Coupon.
Chance to get the Gold Coupon from turntable.

SD Gundam Operating Team
June 9,2015