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May 2019
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Update on Apr 29, 2019

Time : 2019-04-29 04:17

Dear ninjas,

We will be performing a flash disconnection for an update at 7am EDT/12am GMT on Apr 29, 2019. Please see the following details. Have fun!

 Truth-Seeking Ball:

1. Truth-Seeker Ball will available in Team when the Main reaches Lv.90.

2. Truth-Seeker Ball will follow the Main in the scene after activating.

3. Truth-Seeker Ball add Main's attributes only.

4. Truth-Seeker Ball effect can be seen after reaching max in each Rank and activating. 

5. Truth-Seeker Ball can be upgraded through Silver, Gold, and Seek Truth Fragments. Silver upgrade can be clicked at most 100 times.    

6. The Bonus Attributes are available in PVE and PVP. The control immune rate of the Main can reach 80%.

Unlimited Ninja Operating Team

Apr 29, 2019