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Update for Global Server on Mar 13, 2019

Time : 2019-03-12 03:59

Dear ninjas,

We will be performing a flash update for Global Server on Mar 13, 2019. Please enjoy the new patch for the game.


1.The main reaches Lv.50 can open this  function.    

2.Players can choose 3 types of ring,  each type has different attribute.    

3.Ring can be upgraded to get attribute  bonus.The attribute bonus is expired when removing the ring after divorce.    

4.Ring can produce daily marriage EXP,  upgrade Home can get more land.    

5.After divorce, the level of marriage  and home will be cleared.    

6.After marriage, one partner use roses  and the other also can get EXP.    


Function will be available after Marriage    

1.The roses will grow itself once Home is  available, and can be picked when ripe.    

2.The picked roses will go into your bag  directly and improve the ring's level.     

3.The ring will produce charm value,  charm value can get after daily log-in.    

4.The charm value improve marriage level,  the higher marriage level, the more land and the more roses.    

5.The higher marriage level, the more  chance to pick at friend's home.    

6.Marriage level can join all server  ranking, players can claim rose rewards based on daily ranking.   

Unlimited Ninja Operating Team

Mar 12, 2019