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Update Patch On October, 2018

Time : 2018-09-30 03:00

As most of 2018 has passed away, thank you for your friendship along the way.

Unlimited Ninja will also continue to work hard. So, what new content will be available to the players for the rest of 2018?

Let's sneak peek! The update will be the only explanation for part of the content, please pay attention to the update info of subsequent version for details and opening time.


1. Marriage System

Marriage is the most romantic event in life. There is no betrayal, only love that lasts.

Do you think this is marriage?


We're loyal to the original version

There will be a Gender Changing card and other optimization, so be patient.


2. Home System

Homeland, in fact, is a lake, a period of time, an afternoon, a dusk, a taste, some vague memories...

Activate your home after marriage and grow together!!


3. 2V2 Couple Cross-server Function

Only after experiencing the torture of hell can there be the power to conquer heaven. hands to write the legends together.

Joyfun Operating Team

Sep 30, 2018