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Game Update Patch Notes on Aug 7, 2018

Time : 2018-08-06 01:51

Dear ninjas,
In order to let everyone have a better game experience, we will be performing an update on Aug 7, 2018(This update will be a short interrupted update). We apologize for any inconveniences caused and thank you for your constant support and cooperation.




Unlock at Lv.30

Function Intro

1.      Collect Set, Accessory and Summon to activate corresponding Collections;

2.      Activate the Collections to obtain corresponding attribute bonus for the entire team;

3.      The redundant Set, Accessory and Summon can be used in Fragments Exchange for Collections Fragments;

4.      The Collections Fragments can be used to upgrade the Collections, which can provide 500% attribute bonus at max;

5.      Gold can also be used to upgrade Collections, limit to 100 times per day;

6.      By collecting 3 Collections, players can obtain extra percentage attributes for Vanguard, Assaulter, and Support after meeting certain requirement;

7.      The shortest answer is doing. Please have fun.

Unlimited Ninja Operating Team

Aug 6, 2018